Headwater Capital Consulting

Sourcing Capital


Headwater Capital sources commercial funds for First Nations’ asset acquisitions and other commercial investments. We make sure the investment proposition is sound and then find capital that offers the best terms. We assist in structuring the investment and closing the transaction.




Cowichan Tribes - LNG storage (1 billion cu.ft., minority ownership)         

Hupacesaht - Run of river (6MW, majority ownership)

Kanaka Bar - Run of river (50MW, preferred shares)

Sts’ailes - Run of river (5MW, minority ownership)

Taku River Tlingit - Run of river (2MW, 100% ownership)

Tsleil-Wauteuth - Forestry lands (280 ha, 100% ownership)



Capitalization of Institutional Funds


First Nation Regeneration Fund

Bella Bella Community Development Society

Metis Dene Development Fund 


Working Capital


Ditidaht (Sawmill)                        

Coast Connect Development Society (Broadband services)

Taku River Tlingit (Fish landing station)